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Jaylin Jerome Rogers, an investment broker worth millions, lives a high-class life with plenty of women to share it with. Nestled in his lavishing home in Chesterfield, Missouri, he captures women with his wealth, charm, nine-plus inches of goodness and amazingly good looks. Although his bed is never empty, his heart is. He feels nothing for the women who love him dearly and continues his search for the perfect one. When Scorpio Valentino, an attractive, seductive and charming woman saunters into his view, she offers Jaylin a life of altering changes. Her intention is to make his life a living hell, however, Jaylin is not about to take the fall. Surprisingly, soon, love presents itself. Not for the women in Jaylins life, but he experiences love through becoming a father to Scorpios five-year-old daughter, Mackenzie. Shes his guardian angel and is there for Jaylin through the tough times hes bound to face.

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